Change Challenge!: Do Something Creative

I read a quote the other day about the entrepreneur’s dream. It went something like ‘When an entrepreneur starts the dream they say let’s make $100 today! Then make nothing for 3 days. Then they say, I need to get a job! GO TO WORK and make $500!’

Sorry I couldn’t find it to copy it exactly because it made me realize living the lifestyle we have chosen, means GO TO WORK every day to keep from having to, well, go to work.

Everyday I challenge myself to find one new creative way to do something I love and make or save money to fuel this awesome adventure of a lifestyle! Some are super successful and some, well we just have to wait and see.

Today my “Ch-Ching Change Challenge!” was to get creative with the wine bottles and/or the corks I had been collecting for another project, but that is a different story. So after surfing around the DYI sites and getting some ideas, I went to “get inspired” at the local True Value hardware store.

Long story short I decided to make wine cork keychains!

Yes! You can make these too!

What do you think? I posted them on Facebook Marketplace to sale or (because I have a ton of corks!) people can special order! No matter what I have some great birthday gifts for my wine drinking friends!

Stay tuned and I will let you know how this Change Challenge works out! What is your ‘Ch-Ching Change Challenge’ for the day? Every cent counts!

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