Wine Cork Keychain!

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Super Simple!

These wine cork keychains are cute and supers simple to make with these step by step instructions.

Things you will Need:

Wine Corks– This is a bit self explanatory! But just like fine wine (where the more unique corks come from) the more unique corks will look classier. You can use any wine cork, but I preferred the real cork. Real cork seated the closed eye screw in tighter for me. If you are making lots of these for gifts and don’t think you can drink that much, or that many different wine you can purchase them from Amazon!

Eye Screw – Small— I used 7/64 inch stainless steel eye screws that were self tapping to make sure they seated into the cork firmly. They are tiny, but make sure the ring part fits.

Key Ring – Size does matter. Make sure it fits in the eye screw! It needs to be a sturdy one to hold the keys and the diameter is the size need for the amount of keys.

Step 1. Thread the ring in the eye screws eye.

Step 2. Screw the screw into the cork.

I like to use the wine stained end of the cork. A couple of reasons… One the other side usually has a picture that I like. Like the Zia symbol on the Noisy Water Winery Cork. And two the cork is still intact because the cork screw didn’t go down that far.

Make sure you have the screw straight and centered as you s-l-o-w-ly turn the screw into the cork and make sure you seat it all the way down flat so it is secure.

That is all there is to it!

Smiley wants to find out if they float! Let me know what you think please comment below!

I also made a YouTube Video if you want to check that out….

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