We are on the GO!

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot

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We LOVE to travel!

OK, may be it is more like I love to travel and Smiley enjoys traveling, but getting to a destination is more enjoyable for him. He is not a fan of the preparation for traveling. The planning, the packing, and the preparation to travel are just not his thing. Matter of fact one trip we took, in all the flurry to get all the gear (ski trip), Bart (our dog), and stuff in the car, Smiley left his suitcase at home!

We are always on the go. No matter what season it is we are going. Being ski instructors (and snowboard) we are constantly on the move skiing and training. During the summer we are always looking for different adventures! Because of this the LOVE I have to travel, leaves the three P’s to travel up to me! Smiley says my super power is organization so I feel that I am a bit of an expert on the 3 P’s to make traveling successful.

The First P…


Smiley calls my travel planners my ‘OCD Book’!

The best trips start with a solid plan or at least an outline. I have what Smiley calls my ‘OCD Book’, that I use in several ways to plan a trip. It is my personal single best things to have when organizing and planning a trip. It seams a bit old school in this day and age of technology, still there is something to writing something down. You are more likely to remember things if you see it, hear it, and do it! The act of writing (With pen and paper) helps to hardwire the information in your brain.

I prefer the planners that have both the big picture (full monthly calendars), as well as enough room on the weekly and daily pages to make full notes. Start to plan a trip I like to see the big picture to figure out other events around our travel and be able to adjust as needed. Yes, I said it! To have a solid plan you have to be FLEXIBLE…

For example… if you are using your travel planner to plan a once in a lifetime trip to Europe and you are trying to find the perfect dates, looking at you full year and monthly plans all written down in your book you can see the ebbs and flow of your life. You can also see how flexible you can or will need to be with the timing of getting to your flights and connections. I almost messed up booking flights out of New York to Ireland and a tour in Ireland. If I hadn’t looked at my planner as I was booking the tour I wouldn’t have given us enough time to get from the air port to the place the tour was leaving from due to time change!

Oh YES don’t forget about that time change thing!

When planning your trip don’t forget about time changes and make sure you are planning when and where you need to sleep. One of the best tips I got from another blogger was to save on places to stay, plan on sleeping on planes and trains and take advantage of time changes, by booking flights that will get you to your destination in the morning of your destination. Sleep on the plane, and wake up and stay up when you get off the plane and enjoy your day! This will help with jet lag too…


I also use my planner to write (yeah, again with that pen and paper thing) down all of the booking information for transportation and accommodations. I write the conformation numbers, flight numbers, EVERYTHING, down on the date it will be needed on in my book. I also keep all of this information on my computer and phone, still like the back up and the fact it helps with the planning and remembering the details.

2nd P…


Depending where we are going and what we are doing packing takes on different looks. When we are going on a ski or snowboard trip, for training or play, we have all the gear, clothes, equipment, etc… times 2 or 3! That is a lot of stuff. This is where a packing list is a good idea. Yes, I write it down in my book! If I don’t, something will be left behind, like Smiley’s suitcase…

Choosing the right luggage is important! Traveling in garbage bags can be problematic. (Smiley threw away my clothes, by accident, when I did this!) When you are considering what you should pack in consider where you are going, how are you going to get there, and how are you going to carry it. You also might want to make sure you can identify it as luggage… just saying.

Lay everything out you are going to take on the trip AND put it in priority piles.

  • The must have pile
  • The would like to have pile
  • The ‘not necessary, but…’

Then do a practice pack… Start with the ‘must have pile’. If you still have room go to the ‘would like to have pile’. Take everything in the ‘not necessary pile’ and put it back and leave it at home. If you still have space at this point that is a good thing… you are more than likely pick up things you will want to bring back and you will need space for them! Not doing this is why I had to pack in a garbage bag… just saying!

Great tip that I got from a dear friend about packing after she got back from an Europe trip, “You know Jen, they sell socks there too!”

Things like shampoo, conditioner, and soap leave at home. They are readily available everywhere.

The 3rd P…


Prepare for the unexpected. The secret to great planning is always have a plan. Make sure you have the right trip insurance, you have all of your travel documents in place, boarding passes ready, you have confirmend all reservations, and last but not least you don’t forget your suitcase!

Safe and fun Adventures EVERYONE! And as always click, like, share, follow etc. and help this little Blog GROW!

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    1. We travel sooo much that this is really how I have to do it last minute too! I also purposely wait on booking something till last minute because the deals we can get. But that is another blog! Thanks for reading.

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