Ch-ching! Change Challenge

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Every Penny Counts…

“We might have to sell pickles on the corner…”

My Mother

My mother tried to encourage me to save money. I was, and still am not very good at saving money but I took some of the idea that every penny counts to heart.

I started learning about making money with “side hustles” a year ago when I had both (YES! I said both!) of my hips replaces and couldn’t work. My mother was staying with me to help me with my recovery after the first surgery and suggested I look into teaching online. Mostly for something I could do from home or anywhere I might be and have some income during my recovery. I grabbed my phone and Googled it did my research and started teaching with VIPkid!

That was a year ago! Now I teach with VIPkid full time and have the freedom to live this “Lively Life!” being able to ski, travel, and explore daily!

If you want to know more about teaching with VIPkid please contact me and please use my code: JENNI1280

More pennies…

So I started this with every penny counts when it comes to the side hustle thing and I am still trying to figure some things out. I have always had my fingers into everything and I am playing with the following ideas and I will keep you updated on how these new ideas are going!

  • Selling Crafts on Etsy. Our store is LivingLivelyGifts
  • Setting up a VA (Virtual Assistant Business) Smiley says my super hero power is organization!
  • Selling “stuff” on local Facebook Marketplace (I made $55 so far…)

Passive Pennies…

Some of the ideas I have been playing with are very passive. I am addicted to playing games on my phone so I figured if I was going to waist time staring at my phone I might as well make a cent or two! This lists comes with the warning of you will get LOTS of junk emails! But as much as I am shopping and getting ready for our next adventure I get lots of it anyway sooo…

  • Taking online surveys with InboxDollars SURVEYS. (First week I made $30 deposited into my PayPal account.)
  • Doing 3 minute tasks on iMoney. Down load apps and interact with them for 3 minutes. Some are fun games. (I have made almost $40 in 30 days at about 3 minutes a day)

As always please feel free to comment, share, and contact us! Thanks for reading. Please subscribe for updates on everything Living Lively as we go!

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